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Carrot Rice with Mushroom coconut curry

The carrot rice with Mushroom coconut curry is a very healthy, simple, delicious, and perfect dish for lunch or dinner. I never tried any curry with coconut milk, for the first time I tried carrot rice with coconut mushroom curry and it turns super delicious. With great texture and so many flavors, this dish makes a superb comforting dish :) Course: Lunch/dinner Preparation Time: ~10mins Cooking Time : ~30mins Total time: ~ 40-mins Ingredients: 500 grams of Mushrooms 1/2cup coconut milk 1 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste 1 chopped onion 1tbsp coconut oil 1 tbsp coriander powder 2 Grated carrots 1 cup of Para boiled rice Chopped coriander leaves Salt to taste 1 tbsp Pepper Powder 1 tbsp Garam Masala 1tbsp chili Instructions: ( Mushroom coconut curry) Heat 1tbsp coconut oil in a pan, when it is hot add chopped onions saute them for a minute add ginger garlic paste, red chili, coriander powder,garam masala, salt, and pepper, saute them for some minutes. Add coconut milk and let it boil for some t
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Blueberry Smoothie in Almond Milk

  This Creamy, healthy almond milk blueberry smoothie is perfect for breakfast or snacking!  As I stored seasonal blueberries so that I can also use them when we don't have fresh blueberries available in the market so here I am using frozen blueberries, almond milk and my favorite mint leaves. It's healthy and delicious. Dairy-free and gluten-free with vegan options. Course: Breakfast Preparation Time: ~10mins Total time: ~10-mins Ingredients: 1 Bowl blueberries 1 cup Almond milk 1 spoon Greek yogurt some Fresh Mint leaves 1tbsp pumpkin seeds 1tbsp Chia seeds Instructions:  Add all ingredients to a blender. Blend them until the mixture is completely smooth. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and pumpkin seeds. Enjoy! TIP: You can also add any fresh fruit of your choice with blueberries. Benefits: Blueberries packed  with  antioxidants  these berries are also high in potassium and  vitamin C , making them the top choice of doctors and nutritionists. Not only can they lower your risk

Mexican Soup with Tomato Quesadillas

  This hearty, warming Mexican bean soup uses basic cupboard ingredients and is cooked from scratch. Add extra chili powder for a spicy kick. The comforting and delicious bowl of hot red beans and corn soup is bursting with fresh and simple flavors. You can add a top with your favorite tasty goodies (I love avocadoes and tomatoes ). So let's go ahead and make this Hot soup especially in winter weather :) Course: Lunch/Dinner Preparation Time: ~15mins Cooking time: 15mins Total time: ~30-mins Ingredients: Non-Salted canned Kidney beans 1 small cup Sweet corns 2 big chopped Tomato 1 chopped Onions 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste Olive oil salt Black Pepper chili flakes Wheat flour Tortillas 1 Sliced Avocado Lemon 1tbsp Turmeric powder 1tbsp  Vegetable stock/broth (optional) Tomato Paste Instructions: (Soup) Add olive oil to Pot and let it heat on medium flame. Add chopped onion and saute them for 5 minutes until they turned to brownish. Now after onion turns brownish in color add ginger g

Gluten Free Buckwheat Noodles

Buckwheat Noddles is also known as Soba noodles in Japanese,  buckwheat noodles are a good source of protein and fiber than other noodles. These days it's very easy to find buckwheat noodles, you just go to a normal supermarket or Asian grocery store to find them.  Sometimes when you are looking for a healthier option having cravings for spicy noodles then you must try these buckwheat noodles. I usually choose buckwheat noodles because it contains healthier flours (mix of buckwheat and wheat flours) but here I am using 100% buckwheat flour noodles. Course: Lunch/Dinner Preparation Time: ~15mins Cooking time: 10mins Total time: ~25mins Ingredients: 1 cup chopped vegetables of your choice Buckwheat noodles olive oil 1 cup tomatoes 1 chopped onion 1 tbsp garlic and ginger paste sesame seeds salt Black Pepper chili flakes Instructions: First, similar to normal pasta, boil noodles. Until noodles get boiled take another pan. Add olive oil and heat until shimmering then adds the chopped o

Instant yogurt Oatmeal

Hello Everyone! I love yogurt in general and I love to try yogurt with different things so this time I tried yogurt with oats and it's super simple to prepare and turns very delicious plus super healthy breakfast on the go. It's loaded with a lot of fruits and nuts which is the perfect way to start the day with a healthy meal. Course: Breakfast Preparation Time: ~5mins Cooking time: 5mins Total time: ~10mins Ingredients: One cup oats One sliced apple One orange 2 tbsp Pomegranate 2tbs cinnamon powder 1/4 cup of yogurt 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds 1 tbsp soaked chia seeds  Instructions: First, take a medium-size bowl, add yogurt and oats, and mix them together. Now add sliced apple, oranges, pomegranate, or any fruit of your choice. Then add soaked chia seeds from the top. I have garnished with pumpkin seeds but you can garnish with any nuts of your choice. Sprinkle cinnamon powder on top of it. Now your one-pot quick/healthy meal is ready. Enjoy :) Benefits: 1) Oats  are a rich source

Leek And Coriander Soup

   I'm a big soup lover and its definitely my go-to -meal on the rainy days and winter. It's very easy to prepare, healthy and Delicious. You won't need to buy anything fancy to make the soup-just the basic kitchen stuff. Course:Dinner/lunch Preparation Time: ~10mins Cooking time: 5mins Total time: ~15mins Ingredients: Olive oil Chopped onions 3 Garlic cloves Coriander leaves and Rosemary Salt Pepper lemon Leeks Butter Instructions: Wash the leeks and coriander leaves well as leeks are dirty from inside mainly, Take a pan and add chopped onions, garlic and just saute them well. Now add chopped leeks and chopped coriander leaves. Add 1 cup of vegetable broth and bay leaves. Cook them for 5-8 minutes. Blend them and Garnish with coriander and serve. Have it with wheat bread and Enjoy!. Benefits: 1) Leeks are an excellent source of iron, magnesium, VItamin B, folate,omega-3 fatty acids, and also Vitamin E. 2) Corriander helps in improving blood pressure, Vitamin K, Vitamin A,

Garlic Tomato Bruschetta

  Bruschetta is a traditional Italian dish that made with natural ingredients. I think this is one of the easiest,  tasty, and fresh recipes anyone can prepare. Bruschetta is a common Italian appetizer that is usually served before the meal. Besides, you can customize with toppings with your favorite spices and herbs or even add anything you have on hand, but this Garlic tomato bruschetta is my favorite. Course:Dinner/lunch Preparation Time: ~10mins Cooking time: 5mins Total time: ~15mins Ingredients: 2 sliced tomatoes Chopped onions Garlic Paste 2 tbsp Chopped basil leaves Salt Pepper lemon Olive oil Whole wheat bread Instructions: Combine the tomatoes, onion, basil, salt, and pepper with olive oil in a large bowl. Take another bowl to add 2 tbsp garlic paste and add 1 tbsp melted butter, Mix them well. Preheat oven for 130 degrees. Now take a bread slice them and spread garlic butter paster over it. Now put all bread in the oven plate and heat them for 5 minutes. Take out the oven pl